Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brown and Turquoise

My element was color. So I am choosing brown and turquoise because both colors go well together.

Train Track

John Lin Photography 03/15/10

Brown Chair and Brown Summer Dress

Ocean and Turquoise gown

Turquoise Drawer with Turquoise gown;

Turquoise & Brown Chair with Turquoise halter dress

Brown Car and Gown;

Turquoise dress and clutch

Turquoise chair with bookshelves and girl with umbrella

Horse and girl

Ronald Reagan and Brownies

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The First Time I Ever Was a Model

It was kinda weird being in front of the camera when you have been behind it all the time. I have never thought that I could model and never really had the encouragement to go do it. But one day one of my friend asked me if I would like to be a model for her and I was like sure. So I got ready that morning and met up with her and her sister. Then we went outside and when I got in front of that camera I was nervous but also excited. I have never felt prettier in my whole entire life. And this is what happen when I had faith in myself and the encouragements of two great friends Dani and Gabi Gosha. And these are two out of the many that we took.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Derrick Foust

This is Derrick Foust he is one of my best friends and a great model. He use to model when he was little but lost interest in it. So im trying to bring him back in to modeling because he is

Kailey Coke

This is Kailey Coke one of my talented models. She is only about 5 feet but she models like she is 5'8". She works it in front of the camera. And as Tyra Banks may say she is "Fierce".